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Check out what is worth to do in the region You are planning to go before Your trip. You can find the whole selection of programmes in Hungary in our system divided into categories. Are You interested in sightseeings? Or in wines and gastronomy? Are You an active tourist? Do You prefer sparts and activities, or the nightlife? Choose Your destination and the programme categories You are interested in, and check out what is worth to there.


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Taxi, Győr

Aszú Vinoteka- Bük - Bük

Aszú Vinoteka- Bük

Wine-tasting opportunity before purchasing
Wine-tasting for groups and team of friends
Organization of teambuilding for companies with wine-tasting
Gastronomical nights in cooperation with our partner restaurant
Organization of excursions to our partner wineries: Tokaj, Szekszárd, Villány, Somló, Sopron, Badacsony
Providing wine for marriage ceremonies, baptism and other
festival occasions
Palinka tasting with the premium quality award winning products of the Brill Palinka manufactory.

Wine tourism, Bük

Tandemflight with powered paraglider in the Dnaube-bend - Dunabogdány

Tandemflight with powered paraglider in the Dnaube-bend

A tandem flight is an outstanding experience for everybody of all ages! Have a look at the Danube Bend from the sky!

Extreme sport, Dunabogdány

line -fishing - Battonya

line -fishing

The quiet family environment horgászvize.Büfé lovers, camping, bográcsozási possible.

Leisure, Battonya

Dinner & Cruise with live music (at 19:00h) - Budapest

Dinner & Cruise with live music (at 19:00h)

Budapest panorama was added to the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO. According to their justification, the banks of the Danube at Budapest also illustrate the various periods of the capital's history, and furthermore the city has one of the world's outstandingly beautiful urban cityscapes. The World Heritage site inscribed in 1987 stretched from the Chain Bridge (Clark Ádám Square) to the Technical University on the Buda side - an area containing the Gellért Baths, Mt. Gellért with its Freedom Monument and the Citadella, and also the building ensemble of the Buda Castle.
Budapest has many faces. This vibrant city calms down a little bit at nights, lights are lit up, and a new city comes out from the twilight. We created this program for those who would like to enjoy the wonderful view of the city swimming in lights in a candlelight atmosphere, and have a romantic dinner what is prepared by European, and world champion food sculptor, Attila Tanács, who is a true artist. He adds a creative touch to the already outstanding Hungarian and international cuisine served on our ships, placing emphasis on the harmony of color and form, on a boat with live music.
The salon music is performed by 3 members of the Zoltán Kodály Awarded Hungaria Folk Orchestra, including the world-famous violinist Zsigmond Vidak who is the owner of the Bronze Merit Cross of the Hungarian Republic.
We will take you on a 1,5-hour-long cruise on one of our air-conditioned ships. After dinner you can also admire the panorama from the open upper deck of the ship.
Our Dinner& Cruise programs with live music are also available without dinner. If you book a cruise only with drinks, you can enjoy the beautiful night panorama over a glass of champagne and another glass of soft drink, wine or beer.

Cold entries

Spiced cottage cheese cream and traditional greaves cream


Goulash soup “Hortobágy style”
Vegetable ragout soup with noodles

Warm main courses

Stuffed cabbage rolls with sausage and sour cream
Spicy marinated grilled chicken breast served with bacon and onion sauce
Braised pieces of chicken thigh fillet in paprika sauce
Pork spare rib roast in garlic pepper sauce

Garnishes and vegetarian

Fried polenta terrine with goat cheese and rosemary garlic oil
Spinach noodles with mushroom in mustard cream sauce
Mashed potatoes with deep fried onion
Steamed rice with vegetables


Different kind of raw salads,
with yogurt dill and horseradish cognac dressing

“DP style“
Cabbage salad with bell pepper stripes and garlic cream dressing
“Caesar salad”
Leaf salad with Parmesan cheese dressing and slices of grilled chicken breast
“Grandmother’s recipe”
Potato salad with onion, mayonnaise, sour cream and mustard dressing

Season fruit basket


Crême caramel grated with strawberry chocolate
Chocolate-peppermint mousse with egg liquor
Home-made strudel

1 glass of red or white wine + 1 bottle of water (0,33) or soft drink

Dinner & Cruise with live music at 19.00 starts every day (except 20. of August, and 24. of December)
Meeting point for Dinner & Cruise is inside the Danube Palace/Duna Palota (Zrínyi street 5.). Please be at the reception of the ship latest at 18.30h.

Price with dinner:10800 HUF
Student: 9900 HUF
Price only with drinks: 4700 HUF
Student: 4200 HUF

Shipping, Budapest



Authentic Spanish tapas bar. Original Spanish Serrano and Iberian ham, Manchego, goat and sheep cheeses. Our menu contains more than 40 kinds of tapas, including vegetarian, meat and seafood. The most important wine growing regions in Spain are represnted in our wine list . Info: Tel: +36 1 438 3227 Open every day 11-24h

Restaurant, Budapest

Thermal Bath Tamási - Tamási

Thermal Bath Tamási

In one of the largest county Tolna Tamási Thermal spas, the 7-hectare Várhegy fenyvessel covered by the foot of green, ligetes located in the environment. Tamási of the lake "capital", 38 km from Siófok, the county székhelytől Szekszárdtól 50 km away, the 61-and the 65-series, a small city's main roads kereszteződésében. The Spa is open throughout the year, the owner of the Local Government Tamasi. The establishment of the thermal szerkezetkutató fúrásként established between 1967-1969, and then finalized in 2272 m talpmélységű well due to 53-degree water. 2007.-Tamási to be owned by the Municipal Construction and Városüzemeltető Ltd. site.

Bathing, Tamási

Rent a car - Dunaújváros

Rent a car

Passenger cars, wagons, kistehergépkocsik renting out.

Car rental, Dunaújváros

Filed Guard's Schelter - Sopron

Filed Guard's Schelter

There are a nice restaurant and a pension in one of the most beautiful street of Sopron.

Restaurant, Sopron



Authentic Spanish tapas bar. Original Spanish Serrano and Iberian ham, Manchego, goat and sheep cheeses. Our menu contains more than 40 kinds of tapas, including vegetarian, meat and seafood. The most important wine growing regions in Spain are represnted in our wine list . Info: Tel: +36 1 215 5616 Open every day 11-24h

Restaurant, Budapest