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Tourist programmes

Folk performances »

Folklore, Budapest

Telefon: 003613171377

Challengeland Adventure Park »

Leisure, Budapest

Telefon: +36/20-599-8501

Pancake Bar »

Restaurant, Budapest

Telefon: 06/1 267-6361

Academy Riding School »

Sport, Budapest

Telefon: 06 20 912 20 24

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Our holiday in Budapest, Renáta

We travelled to Hungary. more »

Dental Budapest, Nogamstar

Dental BudapestThey call it 'dental tourism' Budapest. Alas, in my view at least, the two words really don't belong together. 'Dental' relates to injections, drilling, sore gums, and all sorts of other unpleasantness - arguably, none of it self-inflicted. 'Tourism', on the other hand, is something pleasurable - intresting sights, sounds, smells (some better than others), and tastes- apart from occasional sore feet from too much walking, it's totally painless too. more »

Budapest winter trip 27.12.2007, Nogamstar

The evening of the 27th in Budapest was fairly low key, after wandering up and down some streets during the day, Brian hit the sack for a power nap, while I updated my last travel blog. After that we headed to the basement of our creepy but cool courtyard style hotel (Note to Dylan-similar to Puebla). more »

Why Budapest and its surrounding area?, Friend

This is the obvious question holiday makers will ask when planning their travels, and we hope to provide the answer. Budapest because: more »

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