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Tourist programmes

Folk performances »

Folklore, Budapest

Telefon: 003613171377

The Semmelweis museum »

Museum, Budapest

Telefon: 06 20 11-577

Pancake Bar »

Restaurant, Budapest

Telefon: 06/1 267-6361

Red Mail Coach Restaurant »

Restaurant, Budapest

Telefon: +36 1 2176756

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6 days in Budapest, Renáta

We spent 6 days in capital of Hungary, in Budapest. more »

Budapest leisure and sport, Nogamstar

Entertainment and health sports are becoming every more popular in Budapest. Dozens of joggers, young and old, are to be seen in the capital’s parks (and primarily on Margaret Island) from morning to evening. Besides the Hajos Alfred National Sports Swimming Pool, the most popular pool on Margaret Island, there are more than 25 other strands, swimming pools or medicinal baths in the capital. more »

Budapest wolrd heritages, Nogamstar

In 2002 the UNESCO World Heritage committee enhanced the capital’s standing among the already existing eight World Heritage locations in Hungary (Hollókô, Budapest, Pannonhalma, Hortobágy, Pécs, Tokaj, Aggtelek, Lake Fertô). This means that now Andrássy Avenue and its historical environs join the Castle district and Danube embankment as holders of the prestigious World Heritage award, although it is true to say that local residents and visitors consider the award fully deserved, Budapest being – in their eyes – one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. more »

Paprika - Budapest, Hungary, Renáta

Hello from Budapest, where it is once again - surprise, surprise - cold and rainy. This is becoming a theme on this trip... more »

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