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Tourist programmes

Folk performances »

Folklore, Budapest

Telefon: 003613171377

Regős Restaurant »

Restaurant, Budapest

Academy Riding School »

Sport, Budapest

Telefon: 06 20 912 20 24

Serpenyős Restaurant »

Restaurant, Budapest

Telefon: 06 20 956 62 65

Read some travel stories about Budapest and sorrounding area

Dental Budapest, Nogamstar

Dental BudapestThey call it 'dental tourism' Budapest. Alas, in my view at least, the two words really don't belong together. 'Dental' relates to injections, drilling, sore gums, and all sorts of other unpleasantness - arguably, none of it self-inflicted. 'Tourism', on the other hand, is something pleasurable - intresting sights, sounds, smells (some better than others), and tastes- apart from occasional sore feet from too much walking, it's totally painless too. more »

Budapest sights, Nogamstar

Palace of Arts Budapest, Statue of St. Gellért Budapest, Gresham Palace Budapest, Hungarian State Opera House Budapest, Parliament, Fishermen’s Bastion Budapest, Royal Palace Budapest... more »

Budapest shopping, Nogamstar

Our shopping expedition starts in József nador Square (Budapest, V. district) where a visit to the Herend shop is like stepping into an exhibition of the finest applied arts. Herend porcelain is, quite rightly, one of the industries Hungary is most proud of. Over the years Herend hand-painted vases, plates and dinner services have won several gold medals at world expos. more »

Budapest trip, Hungary 2007, Lindsay

I arrived in Budapest in the morning and headed straight to the hostel to meet up with my friends. We decided to start the day off by hiking up to Gellert Hill. After the coronation of King Stephen, the first Christian Hungarian monarch, the Pope sent Bishop Gellert to convert the Magyars. more »

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